Adobe® Acrobat® Connect™ Pro

Adobe® Acrobat® Connect™ Pro Overview

Adobe® Acrobat® Connect™ Pro brings convenience and a rich interactive experience to online meetings, trainings, web seminars and presentations. Currently installed on over 98% of web-connected desktops, the Adobe Flash Player lets your audience join instantly, without special plug-ins or fancy hardware. Adobe® Acrobat® Connect™ Pro is designed to work on a variety of platforms, and iis engineered to work on a variety of operating systems — including Microsoft Windows, Macintosh, Linux, and Solaris — even the most diverse and distributed teams can collaborate with ease. See the demo >


Web Conferencing
Create media-rich content quickly and easily with Adobe® Acrobat® Connect™ Pro. Acrobat Connect Pro provides full support for Adobe Flash movies, animations, streaming video and audio, high-resolution graphics, Microsoft PowerPoint and Adobe Presenter presentations, and Adobe Captivate® demonstrations. The ability to interwork with so many products means you can create effective, media-rich content that keeps attendees engaged. Record, edit and download meetings for anytime viewing, use breakout rooms to focus discussions, and utilize the integrated chat feature throughout your meeting, in groups or individually.

Easily create and deliver compelling self-paced courses, conduct highly interactive virtual classes, and efficiently manage training programs. With Adobe® Acrobat® Connect™ Pro software, you can:

- Quickly create high-impact content

- Deliver courses via virtual classrooms or self-paced courses

- Reuse learning assets with templates and content libraries

- Track course effectiveness with robust reports

Web Seminars

With Adobe® Acrobat® Connect™ Pro software, marketing and sales departments can increase leads, boost response rates, and close deals faster through high-impact web seminars. Forget specialized software — all it takes is a web browser and the Adobe Flash® Player runtime to host effective online meetings with clients, partners, and prospects.

- Eliminate technical barriers with instant access

- Make your presentations stand out

- Record, edit, and download seminars for anytime viewing

Individuals and Small Groups
Adobe® Acrobat® Connect™ is the next generation of web conferencing software that enables individuals and small businesses to instantly communicate and collaborate through easy-to-use, easy-to-access online personal meeting rooms. Reduce your travel costs, save time, and increase productivity.
Why Choose Adobe® Acrobat® Connect™ Pro?

Adobe® Flash® Player is the world's most pervasive software platform, installed on more than 98% of Internet-enabled desktops. Adobe Flash technology is used to produce most video on the web, and Adobe Reader® software has become the global standard for sharing documents and information.

- Instant Access no downloads are required to join meetings.
- High Impact A rich interface captures participants' attention and provides an intuitive way to interact.
- Live and on-demand Acrobat Connect Pro is a complete solution for both live and on-demand presentations.