WebEx is an easy way to exchange ideas with anyone, anywhere

It combines real-time desktop sharing with phone conferencing so everyone sees the same thing as you talk. It's far more productive than emailing files, and then struggling to get everyone on the same page in a phone conference. WebEx eliminates the need for people to travel and meet on site, ths promoting greener airways and more efficient time management.

Online Meetings

Exchange information, make decisions, and collaborate just like you would in person—even when you're continents away. Skip the back and forth emails and time-consuming trips. Meet remote colleagues, customers, and partners online and get more done faster than ever.

- Show presentations, demonstrate applications, share anything on your computer screen.

- Bring remote designers and engineers together to review the latest plans.

- Conduct regular meetings between geographically scattered staff members.

- Hold lively creative sessions with your marketing and advertising teams.

- Make sales presentations to prospects.

- Use WebEx throughout your business—to generate leads, train customers, even provide support.

- Meet with a few or a few hundred


Sales Presentations
Show prospects what you have to offer in a live WebEx session. Keep them engaged with real-time web presentations. Better than a phone call. Faster and more cost effective than traveling to each prospect. Sell smarter, not harder to reach your goals.

- Make lively, engaging sales presentations over the web.

- Demonstrate your application live for your prospect—even pass control, so they can try it.

- Review and finalize contracts together.

- Bring key stakeholders and decision makers into the meeting from wherever they are.

- Bring subject matter expert into any call to resolve issues instantly.

- Conduct regular sales team meetings between geographically scattered staff members.

Live Interactive Training

Deliver dynamic, interactive training to employees, customers, and partners anywhere in the world. It’s easy with WebEx. Share visual content over the web in real time as your phone conference—so everyone sees and hears the same thing at the same time. You’ll reach more learners in less time—and you’ll save the travel and costs associated with traditional on-site training.

- Show presentations, demonstrate applications, share anything on your computer screen.

- Pass control to learners and provide a hands-on learning experience.

- Encourage interaction with easy-to-use tools, including interactive annotations and chat.

- Record sessions for self-paced learning.